Frozen Mist


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Awaken the summer nights, breathe in the fires
We read our fairytale, the images capture your desire.
Catastrophic pictures. Lie before our eyes.
We see the haunted halls. Treacheries of stone.
The atrium of ghosts. Glowing intervals of light.
A frozen pendulum. Make time stand still.

These precious gifts you bring to me
Feed into my soul, Trapped inside destiny.
Radiant remedies, Prove you are the one
Drown my happiness. Our love left undone.

Twisted upwards toward the pillars, our roses climbed...
Intertwined passion of destiny, our love shines...

Let's play make believe. My dream of haunted lullabies.
Incoherent screams of torture. Distant echoes we hear.
A silhouette of marionette. Beneath this frozen empty hall.
Forever cursed in nightmares. I show no fear.

And in the shade beyond the closed door
The red blood stains the marble floor
I close my eyes to see the darkness enshrined
Beautiful erotic kisses capture my mind.
This treasure I glance with rays of light
Sophisticated elegance a desire in my sight
Rewards of pleasure: your basptismal resurrection
A vestibule of sadness emerging our reflection.

Approach the entrance, fade away the fairytale
Dissipation of fires, a new life we shall prevail.
No more bitterness, I open your eyes
Sparkle with delight, your wet lips makes me cry.

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