Fall From The Top

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Fall from the top
To the sewer of life.
Wash up with the dirt.
Lose your beautiful wife.
Try to endure.
You will succeed.
Try not to fade away.
Crawl through the swamps
Of eternal hate.
Drown into the blood
Of your soon-dying faith.
Try to keep up.
You'll may survive.
Try not to harden.
Try not to complain.
You drive me insane.

I will die
Everytime I
Need to see
Your life without me.

Stay where you are.
Shove your head to the soil.
Dig into the ground.
Bring yourself to the boil.
Try to move on.
It'll do you good.
Try not to petrify.
Just close your eyes.
Point the gun at your head.
There's 99 ways to play dead.
Try to forget.
You'll may survive.
Try not to fantasize.
Try not to explain.
You sustain my pain.