Falling With Lightning Rays Beamed Through The Blazing Firmament Towards The Untented Burial Ground

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It's over now no second chance
All is lost and damned to rot
Cursed to die, no way out
No living god is watching me.
Steal my soul, burn my mind,
I will die in blasphemy.
Gryphons call out from the mist
Serpents writhe in dark abyss.
Falling down soul released
Now I'm dead, I am deceased.
Wrapped in white, rotting meat,
Rigor mortis from head to feet.
Putrid stench, mass of flies
Swollen guts, bloated eyes.
Dust to dust, bury me deep
Where worms crawl and insects creep.
Lapping flames, funeral pyre
In-extremis feel the fire.
Burn to ash, nothing left
Gone forever, killed by death.
Time runs out, dry your tears
No turning back the wasted years.
I rest alone, endless sleep
Graven kiss, eternal peace.

Call me Satan, that's who I am
God of nothing and nothings real.
God is dead and no one cares
I'm burning up, I'm burning down.
Where is Jesus, I think he's dead
Or is he sleeping in my hand.
Believe in angels or burn in hell
Does Satan fuck?, no one can tell.
I'm smoking poison by a big oak tree
And a big black snake came down to me,
Get your axe and cut it down
And God won't come next time around.
No more Eden, no more tree,
Worship Satan for eternity.

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