Vitamin X


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Fallout, fallout
It's out there in the air
Fallout, fallout
Sirens everywhere

We're all gonna
We're all gonna die

Fallout, fallout
There's no escape
Fallout, fallout
We'll all get blown away

We're all gonna
We're all gonna die

Fallout! Another fallout
Fallout! Just another fallout
The threat of using -nuclear- weapons of
mass destruction has not decreased since the
end of the cold war; it has only increased!
This is mainly because some -western-
countries (accompanied by the weapon
industry) thought it was smart to sell these
weapons to their so-called 'friends', who,
of course, had their own agenda.
After visiting Hiroshima we saw the horrors
of these weapons with our own eyes. It is
totally unbelievable and unacceptable that
these weapons still exist. Ban all weapons
of mass destruction!