Small Brown Bike

Fami(liar) To You

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Is my face familiar?
Maybe you'll remember me
Is my voice familiar?
This is the sound I made

Place these knives into my chest
Twisting and sticking
Relate and then take them from me
Remember me now?
This story sounds familiar
You sleep easy
Relate and lie to me
I died through you

There's not much to knowing because things change so quickly these days
Relate and take from me
There's not much to talking because things fade so quickly away
Everything so close
I'd like to open that door
Everything, but me
There's not much to talking alone
Relate and take me

Is my touch familiar?
I see your smile now
Does this feel familiar while you hold his hand?
Did you lie to me?
"Probably, that's all I know"
Love me and lie to me
This is the closest we'll ever be

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