Kitchen Knife Conspiracy

Fantasy Death Fetish

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Why is it that I wear this straight jacket
and the reasons for what
A slave for your gain, scapegoat for the pain
It's selfish--it's sickness--it's fetish
Open your mouth, two barrels down your throat
bullets your last meal
I hate life, I hate you
Reprimanded--for your stupidity
Embarrassment--for your blindness
How do you like the taste of this life?
I'll end your life
You've reached the end, now here's your prize
A gunshot--my vengeance
A gunshot--my hate
Your demise will be. . .by my hands
Strap you to a chair
Beat you brainlessly
Cut you up than leave
Now you bleed for me
Your demise will be. . .by my hands
Fatal shots are launched
Evil found its place
behind the blue eyes
of this very face
You will bleed for me
What is it? I can't hear what you say
Can't hear what you say
What is it? I can't hear what you say
the guns are in the way
And there is laughing
You don't even exist

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