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In a sleeplessness
I'm strolling and feel the pain
Hoping quietness soon is coming
There in order to kill the rain
A bad headlong way of loving
Is still dividing us once again

Now you're far away, missing you happens everyday
I feel so empty, so lost and so lonely

Even if I turned a page, even if
I reached the wise age
I often dread it and I wonder why

The lack of your presence here by me
Throwing me high to shout
How should I find the way to make you hear
And understand it

Far away
Is the last word you whispered when you went away
Far away
Distance between us is a final way
Far away
Your last greeting to me to better fly away
Far away
Goodbye is so sad to say

I'm not bruised by regrets
Only wishing to ease this sorrow now
To close the wound once

Autor(es): Didier Chesneau / Sylvie Grare