Fear Not

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Woy, woy, woy, woy, woy (3X)

Ooh woe, ooh woe, ooh woy
You hear the sound it's coming down

The road it is rocky and you may grow weary
But don't let discouragement bring you down
For you've got a vision
It's time to make your decision
Will you push forward or just stand around?

So fear not strike while the iron is hot
And fear not strike while the iron is hot

For you've been sent on a mission
and this is not a competition
In Mount Zion you will get your reward, yeah
So put your plans into action
And free yourself from distractions
For you can do anything through the strength of the Lord, yeah


So are you ready for the revolution?
And are you ready to be the solution

It's gonna take some courage so don't be discouraged
And don't worry what scornful ones try to say
No time for hesitation or procrastination
Why put off 'til tomorrow what you can do today?
Ooh yeah


So fear not I say strike while the iron is hot
And fear not today strike while the iron is hot



(Chorus 2X)