Frozen Mist

Feeding The Black

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My room is dark. Ignite a spark. Oblivious. Wickedness. No one within. Share the sin. So mystical, so unreal. Etching shadows. Left too shallow. Burnt fires. A true desire.
The candle cries, my demise. Conclusion. Disillusions. Feed the black, scars on my back. Graveyard of this wretched place. Darkness resides within my mind. Take me back to fall from grace. I lie in bed. Dreaming death. Corruption. Disruption. A perfect field, never concealed. Running, so stunning. Wicked lace, slide in place. The horror, my beauty. Pale white. Shallow light. Decompose, this withered rose. Rays of light try to break thru. Incandescence, pull me thru. Summoning the awakening of this luscious, pure angelica. Erase my past, feeding the black. Incompetent, frozen expressions. Illusive thoughts drain my sorrow. Test my strength, excessive solitude. This perfect widow, carry me to you. Your precious movement left so cold. A captive in your distress, feed your empty soul. Passion fulfilled, you become my mistress. Reality is not what to beg. This light reflects the shardless crystal. There's a crimson tide spawing over. This blackened form coming to life. Your empty air I breathe in. Vent my frustrations on every mistake. You shall fall into shadows of lust. Our persona dancing eternal nightmares.

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