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Here it comes again
Like the first time again
I can't sleep
I watch the rain
But I'm happy again
How can this be
Why did this feeling
Creep on up on me?

I can't be sure
You never can
But the signs I know
Where does it come from?
Where does it go?
Why does it kill you
Painful and slow?
I'm out of the fire
I'm into your home

I want to feel you, feel you, feel you
Feel you again

It makes you a cheat
It makes you a liar
Step out of the fire
It gives a spring in the step
Smile on the face
Sing like a bird
Ya running the race again
What makes you bad
Makes you feel much better
Than you ever can

You can't touch it, see it, breathe it
Feel it's all you can

It makes the world go round
It makes you homeward bound
It makes you want it more
Look around every corner
To see if there's more around

You want to take it all, it's never quite enough
You know ya need it all!

You want to feel it, feel it, feel it
Feel it again

It kill you in the end
But not to have it
You haven't lived
It will break you
Make you
Take you
Hate you, again
From me to you
From you to me
Look out your window

And you will feel it, feel it, feel it
Feel it more, more, more

Here it comes again
That feeling again
I can't sleep
Sit and watch the rain the rain

Autor(es): Kelly Jones

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