Feel I Bring

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You like the feel i bring x3

Block out haters, embrace my behavior,
My music’ll be your savior, later maybe later,
I can sing something for ya deliver it to your door then
Spread positive vibrations that’s what i’m about,
Take my phone, click remote,
Then you control the bob marley that can continuously flow
Through the amp, go to my hand, we sittin’ in my backyard,
Forgetting that life can be hard

Run out to the rope and hope you hit the water cold,
So you can soak in the kaleidoscope

Gettin’ high with my guys slappin high fives,
Step aside i ain’t sittin on the sidelines,
Say what’s good if you see me fly by,
Feel i bring my vibes get you bye high,
Rep a side get denied simmer down now,
Listen up to my lyrics get a shout out,
Sname run the game and piffs gettin with it,
Glove pass the bong to coop to rip it.