Feral Mutant Attack

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Feral Mutant Attack:
Family vacation, out in the scorching sun
stopping at Fred's oasis
buggering the tired old man
don't go out into the desert
Nothing but animals there
Fred he tried to warn em they just didn't care

Nuclear testinggrounds is where the mutants dwell
deep in the desert nobody will tell
stranded car and trailer no way to get home
oh my god! we are fucked!

Human frenchfries cooked in desert heat
not knowing the cannibal mutants
are looking for meat - dragged to the cave
which reeks like human remains unto the fire
to dine on intestines and brains
carve up the corpses
eating like savage beasts they will dine
on anything that is meat
feral clan of little cannibals
jupiter and his kids, killing for fun

Dining on dogguts, the carnage just begun
we want your flesh, hope has all gone
trapped in the camper, the mutants assault
raping the young and killing the old.....

Acts of despair

Ugly disfigured mutants
nailed up mangled torsos

Dad went out to find help
but he found none

Pluto goes insane while
mars humps the chick in the rear
stapled to a cross roasted like a pig
time to fight back and to become the animal
trapping the hicks
by a dead mom in a lawn chair
stalked and murdered dying one by one
pretty soon the whole family is gone
desolated desert nowhere to run
all hopes lost all people are gone

Run to the hills - through the hot desert sand
find the mutants lair - out to take revenge
violent savages - out on the hunt
shut your fucking mouth
I'll slice you, you fucking cunt

Ransack the trailer for food and supplies
nobody hears the girls feeble cries
fucked in the ass by a mutated dick
raped by a fucked up radioactive hick

In the desert nobody hears you scream
it's like your trapped in a horrible dream
slaughtered and butchered
RV drenched in blood
family murdered in cold blood
baby is roasted and used for a stew
maybe later they will eat mommy to
there is no escape from Jupiter's gang
as your killed by his feral clan

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