Field Of Dreams

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Daddy was a dreamer hannah was his dream
He worked two jobs to buy ten acres and a wedding ring
Times were getting harder and the land wasn't much
But daddy held on cause he drew his dream
From hannah's tender touch
And as they lay together in the night
She whispered to him as he held her tight

Plant your l--ove in a field of dreams
Water that love from the kindness stream
Watch it gr--ow like a tall oak tree
Plant your love in a field of dreams

Daddy was a lover hannah was his love
In their eyes a vision burned brighter than the stars above
Believing in each other trusting in god's plan
Sowing their seeds and sinking their roots in the heart of the land
When the spring rains came the corn grew tall and green
Hannah sang to the baby on her knee

If you are a dreamer and if you believe
There's a harvest waiting for you as far as you can see

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