Mystic Prophecy

Fight Back the Light

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The nightmare is back again
My blood will flow from my veins
Haunting creatures surrounding my inner self
He screams my name... you shall be damned

We are... the pain in your illusion
We are... the knife deep in your heart
Your world will burn deep in confusion
Before you die... your angel will cry

This fight is your last this night
One by one they fall back to light

I try to scream out loud my name
To fight back the light
I try to save my soul from the flame
To fight back the light
Surrender my thoughts again
To release me from my pain
And once again - I try to escape from my fate
Fighting back the light, back the light

I can hear the whisper deep in me
I can see the crimson on the sky
Angels burn and angels fly
I know it's time for me to die

Autor(es): Markus Pohl / R.D. Liapakis / Roberto Dimitri Liapakis

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