5 Bugs

Fighting in the Name of Rock'N'Roll

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we travelled far to get it all
but we never ever met someone like you
that kind of look that special taste
we are back again and pointing straight at you

most of the time we're on the road
come on enjoy our punkrock show
cuz now it's time for you to

raise your hands and celebrate
get your ass up on the stage
stunning as long as you rock hard
we try to tear this place apart

we're back again a 100 and 10 percent
heading for your town so get yourself prepared
be there or be dead so you'll never forget
how we turnedyour world upside down again

the time has come for you to say yeah!!!
time to show us what you are made of
say I do!!!
fighting in the name of rock'n'roll
I do!!!
everything you have ever dreamt of can come true