Fight or Flight

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Walls are closing in again around me
Fight the urge to smash in my surroundings
I'll fight this, no looking back as I run
Seduced into a light that's blinding
Bolt; the only option for surviving
Invasion, the only option is…

Cure my doubt
Useless spite
Fight or flight
Chaining me down

Race on down erratic roads that bind me
Bear the weight that's crushing down behind me
Torturous haze cramped into days
Wait; reward is just around the corner
Dazed, you pay for notions that were born
Out of your greed
Feeding your need


Feel bloody, broken, bent
Blown town to town again
Firewood waiting to happen
To burn myself

The lure of the thrill quickly was killed
Now I want out
Get me the fuck out... (chorus to end)

Autor(es): Amanda Somerville / Sander Gommans