White Wizzard

Fight To The Death

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Don't preach to me about your god-tell me who and what to be
Don't tell me how to live my life or seek my destiny
In the light of choosing to be free my mind will find the way
In the heart and soul of my freewill i'll live another day

Free to choose and to be me
Power rule my destiny

I am-a soul of light in overdrive
A stardust rider of the sky
You'll never take me alive
Cause i'll fight to the death for the light
Forever flying high

Never try to brainwash me into thinking what you believe
Keep your religion to thyself and get away from me
Forever i'll fight to keep my mind and always rule my soul
You'll never gain an inch of your desire to control the path
is clear to fly so high
Like a dragon in the sky

Like an eagle soaring higher
Riding in the wind-never to give in
I will stand my ground forever
Always true to me-forever i shall be

Autor(es): Jon Leon