Hearts Revolution

Final Destination

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Set it off
No contemplation
Hit me back with the final destination
Set it off
No contemplation
Hit me back with the final destination
I'll get you back
Dollar for dollar
Flipped the script and I made you holler

On the road to riches and platinum plaques
They smile in your face just to stab ur back
Fake hugs, lights and breakups
Do that model look the same without the makeup?
But I know what I want in life
So I work to afford the price
I'm halfway there already
Live by the mantra u want it go get it

Used to jock poochies
Poochie for girls
Now I rock pucci and travel the world
Wanna talk shit on my pink ice cream truck?
Drive a range rover
I don't give a fuck
Too many peeps with nothing to say
That ain't me not going out that way
Hey little kids you should take a warning
There's this little thing they call it global warming

I keep tellin myself it's somethin better
On the other side of it so I get fly for it
No way I'ma miss my moment
Tell the paparazzi get my good side won't u
Turned dreams to hd
All cuz I believed what no one else seen
But I saw it so clear like lasik
Now we live from the final destination

Go all out u can't hold back
It's your fate u control that
Sell a lotta things to get dough back
But if u sell it u can never get ya soul back
We don't think we just do
My fate's mine you do what you do
Cause I know I'm a get there
Prepare the throne for when I sit there

Autor(es): ,Esso

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