Abigail Williams

Final Destiny Of The Gods

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Oh bring me the night divine
Among the coldness dwell I
Under the blood red moon sky
Bury my flesh blood and bone
Now to the blind world below descending
Bear now my unearthly cries
Into the stars wandering beyond
Shadowing my existence
The sickly smells of human souls
One by one did the blood drops
O darkness triple form
Eternally dedicated to the darkest light
Let me the offering
Behold the sorrow
Mesmerizing misery
Silent death
Piercing your heart with dread
Feel my stormy vengeance
The unholy power of the cold black flame
Burning down the churches of Christianity
There is no escape
Born to the darkness
Void of human weakness
The gates of hell have opened
Our empire everlasting
Sworn to the dark forces
The white mountains of madness
The bitter valley of sadness
Bring forth the flood
Answer the call

Autor(es): Jan Jekelis / Ken Bedene

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