Bella Morte

First Light

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As the rain washes distance from her voice
something stirs beneath us
and hope awakens to the calm

In the depth of her eyes a promise sleeps
Resting soft, unspoken.
in dormant dreams as blue as dawn.

May sees the first light shine again..
Into a night without an end..

And the fear echoes deep within the heart
as I tempt forever
To find her way into my arms..

With the dark comes another sleepless night
longing for the moment-
that two will stand against the world.

And through the years one night remains,
as clear as trust beneath the rain.

In your eyes see this life,
please don't turn away tonight..
or ever more.

We are one, you and I.
please don't turn away tonight...
or ever more.

Autor(es): Bella Morte