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Drown your sorrows in golden tears
when the boiling blood blasts your head
The biting heat tell all your fears
when silent nights all turn to red

Burn your flesh, take off your skin
Throw down your mind into the void
Souls will be cleansed from deep within
Whilst the cold limbs are destroyed

Falling, falling into the heart of all
As I stare into the southern drain
Watching, watching myself as I fall
As I climb across the cosmic strain

And when finally the firebird
Is rising from a flaming heat
The human soul, free and alert
In cleansing flames, his God will meet

Painting silhouettes upon the sky
Like the image of a melting soul
The burning ghosts suppress a cry
In fire's depths my life is whole

I breathe in white sparks to be free
Colours and passion fill the mind
Slither into purest ecstasy
Solstice is near, wisdom I'll find...

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