Abra Moore

First Date

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It's late at night about 12 and everyone is fast asleep
Just you and I are left now, and we both take a seat.
The mood around us changes, although we act as if it's not.
And we stare at the television, we glance at each other a lot.
I can feel my heart beat racing, I wonder if yours is too.
Cause all that I really want is a chance to touch you.

So we stay up all night and talk a little longer.
We stay up all night and our friendship become<s] stronger.
We stay up all night and leave our daily lives behind.
It was so great.
Was that our first date?
Our first date.

We move to the same couch, just slightly separated.
We humor ourselves, with the feeling anticipated.
We exchange and try on each other's rings, just to brush over our hands.
The attraction that we're circling is so hard to withstand.


A new song I wrote I play to you I thought just to take up some time
But the word's design gave you a clue that I want to be yours and you mine.


Our first date.
Our first date.