Agoraphobic Nosebleed

First National Stem Cell And Clone

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In a past life I was just some
Back alley abortion
Stem cells collected on a coat hanger
Tossed in a trash bin

I can't help but think the kind of hip replacement
That I could have been
The kidney I could have grown into
If only I'd had the chance

Could have helped a God-cursing cripple
Walk again
Be re-born again

Abortion now a brave new industry
Stem cells collected and sold
Artificial insemination of of "breeders"
Thousands of women working at home
Pregnant in six week shifts
Making hundreds a week
Helping others to save lives
Cure disability and disease

Organ banks using body parts as currency
First national stem cell and clone
Billions made and thousands saved as acceptance of the science grows

What's a second mortgage to a whole new lease on life,
And what wouldn't you spend to save your child from dying?
What cock wouldn't you suck to save their fucking life?

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