Vitamin X

First Step

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You take a stand to ban drugs
But that's easy to say
Cause you're only following standards set
Maybe it's time to breakaway
This is what I say..

I will not support THE USE OF DRUGS
But drug laws are old and we….
Can't you see that we are stuck!

And you can close your eyes
You can turn your head
Your solution seems so clear
You just won't listen up
While education should be here-
Or are you too deaf to hear?

Let's take a first step and regulate maybe that
So DARE to take that first step
We are a straight edge band and say no to drugs, but
we support the legalization of drugs. First of all:
people should have the right to do with their own
bodies whatever they want. Besides that: the 'war on
drugs' is not a success: druglords are getting richer
while more and more young people are getting addicted.
We choose for education and regulation instead of
oppression. So: no more pushers who are selling their
poison to kids on schoolyards; no more druglords who
have control over whole economies. Get them all out
of their 'jobs' now!!