The Long Blondes

Five Ways To End It

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A snakeskin shawl locked in his cupboard,
A collected memento from a distant affair.
Well I am the woman that it once belonged to,
It's lingering presence warns you to beware.
Do you ever wonder why he still keeps it?
Do you even know if I gave back his key?
You said you'd discovered five ways to end it,
Well Barbara I'm sorry, you didn't fool me.

It wouldn't take more than five days to disown him...

Finish him with five ways to end it...

I find there's more Hattie Jacques in his fancies.
He wanted a woman to cling to you see.
Drunk in the bath with his matronly missus.
She'd make him happy when he could be with me.
He takes all his women for decadent dinners,
But expensive restaurants don't mean a thing.
When was the last time he grabbed you and kissed you?
I know you remember how it used to be.

It wouldn't take more than five days to disown him...

Finish him with five ways to end it...

(Silk suspenders in his drawer
Should be telling you so much more,
But you're affraid to look behind incase you find
The passport photos of someone who went before.
How are you gonna do this?
Walk away from everything you know?
Where will you go?
I don't know.
He's been doing this for years and can't carry on.
This is no Peter Roger's Production.

He'll never be there,
When you're feeling depressed and you want him to care.
You lie together in bed every night,
You've never felt less loved.)

End in sight, Sunday night,
He's on the sofa - you did it alright.
Take him out for a drink,
Then tell him you're leaving and watch him sink.
You found out who you are,
Now walk away slowly - you're going to go far
Loving him will always hurt,
And having those feelings will only break your heart...

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