Flying Time

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Well it's flying time again here comes Ben Colder
You can see that little twinkle in my eye
Now most of you have never seen me sober
That's because it's almost always flying time

The doctor says that too much booze'll harm you
But my uncle dranked at least a fifth a day
Now don't that prove that it won't really hurt you
Cause he lived to be a ripe old twenty eight

Besides there's a lot more ole drunks than they are ole doctors
You know I would've been a lawyer but I couldn't pass a bar
Now I only drink to forget
But sometimes I forget what it is I'm tryin' to forget

Just a little nip will make the heart grow fonder
And too much brew is bound to make you go grow
Personally I like somethin' a little stronger
So give me a mart of quartinies to go

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