Fly, Navigate, Communicate

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Fly, navigate, communicate

You remember, still
All the words I’ve chosen wrong
The hand of time, it seems to accelerate

My hour of wolf
Morning flight will slice the sky
I would like to stay but can’t today

Talking is flaunting
Silence is so taunting
The word I don’t say has its own gravity

Fly, navigate, communicate
If you dare

I will abdicate
All rights to say when things feel wrong
The gate’s closed for the day, turn, go away

Passport in one hand
Exit the strange land
Things you have not planned
Words have their meaning, like salt in the sea

For once I‘m doing things right
I won’t communicate in turbulent times
But will navigate and fly

I’m trying to land in the sea, but the sea is on fire
Now we have to brace for the impact
We’ll crash in the sea of bittersweet depravity

I can’t fly
I can’t navigate
Refuse to communicate
Oh, I tried today

We can’t fly
We can’t navigate
We fail to communicate
We’re afraid to care

Autor(es): Tony Kakko

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