Follow My Way

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Little one don't be a fool, I'm a wreck when I look mighty
In euphoria I'm bruised, in confusion next I'm lightning
In complacence I am small, through oblivion I charge

So follow my way, when I'm not leading anyone
Open and frayed, when you can see that I'm unsure
Out on my way, I'm only pure when I get lost
And you're only needing, when you're finding that I'm not

You're just looking for a boy, bathed in infrared and sunlight
I'm all polish and reward, when I'm confidant I'm hopeless
Just like everybody else, right before they fall apart

So follow my way, when I am falling from your heart
When I'm the pain, fever and sweet relief in one
Out on my way, though I'm not worthy of your trust
Follow me down into a swan dive, all eyes closed tightly

Lowly, slowly, now I know, I like where you go when you're gone
Warm your hands inside my veins, I might be contagious
Through oblivion I charge

Follow my way, when I'm useless to your cause
When I derail, calm in the patience of remorse
Out on my way, out on my empty open nerves
When all you know, is that I don't know where we are
When all you know, is that I don't know
Follow my way

Autor(es): Alain Johannes / Chris Cornell / Natasha Shneider

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