Ben Colder

Folsom Prison Blues No. 1 1/2

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Hello I'm Ben Colder

I hear the train a comin' it's rollin' down the track
It's comin' to Folsom Prison to bring me a six pack
It's nice in Folsom Prison the warden's a swell guy
But when I hear that lonesome whistle I feel like I could die

When I was just a baby my mama put me down
Said you are just a baby don't take your guns to town
I shot a DJ up in Reno he wouldn't play my song
Now the DJ's round the country they play me loud and long

[ guitar ]
Hey whatch's that little ole lady doin' in here
(I'm just here to get my baby out of jail)

[ guitar ]
I'll bet there's rich folks eatin' in them fancy dinin' cars
They're probably smokin' coffee and drinkin' black cigars
I knew I's gonna mess that up I never get it right
But when I hear that lonesome whistle I feel like I could die

Warden said ya'll not supposed to do that
When I sing that that's a no no

If they freed me from this prison I'd make like Jesse James
If ya'll won't tell the warden I'll steal this dadburn train
Bust through the walls of Folsom and make that whistle cry like this
And if ya'll'd be nice fellas I'd take you for a ride
I said a ride I didn't say die

Autor(es): Gordon Jenkins / Johnny Cash / Sheb Wooley

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