Food Glorious Food 2

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is it worth the waiting for
if we live till 84
all we ever get is gruel
everyday we say a prayer
will they change the bill of fare
still we get the same old gruel
theres not a crust not a crumb can we find
can we beg can we borrow or cadge
but theres nothing to stop us from getting a thrill
when we all close our eyes and imagine

Food glorious food
hot sausage and mustard
while we re in the mood
cold jelly and custard
peas pudding and saveloys
what next is the question
richj gentlemen have it boys
food glorious food we re anxious to try it
3 banquets a day our faveourite diet
just picture a great big steak
fried roasted or stewed oh food wonderful food
marvellous food glorious food...

Food Glorious food dont care what it looks like
burned underdone crude dont care what the cooks like
just thinkin of growing fat our senses go reeling
one moment of knowing that

Food glorious food what wouldnt we give for
that extra bit more thats all that we live for
why should we be fated to do nothing but brood
oh food magical food wonderful food marvellous food beautiful
food glourious fooooooooood..............