Fools Fall In Love

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Why do I allow my heart to make decisions for me?
Why do I keep list'ning to my heart?
Why do I get so involved when I would rather be free?
Maybe it's because I'm not so smart

Fools fall in love
Only lunatics fall in love
And I'm a fool

Fools seek romance
Only idiots take the chance
And I'm a fool

I should be able to put all my feelings aside
I should be able to take one free ride in my stride

But fools cannot play
They get serious right away
And break the rule
My heart's on fire when I know I ought to keep cool
Fools fall in love and I'm such a fool

[2nd verse:]
Why do you get so involved when you would rather be free?
Why not give your heart what it may crave?
Why not let your heart decide the question, Which will it be:
Old man's darling or a young man's slave?

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