Alina Simone

For a Rainy Day

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For a rainy day, a tired dance
Of drunk eyes, clumsy hands
The second fell, the fourth sat down
The eighth was taken out to the track
On to wires, from under the wheels
And to four letters from under the pavement
Into the still waters, with a wild head
A cold sweat, ripples

An iron horse, a camouflage color
Carved treads in a row
A sideshow for the novices
The horses fly in a circle
The wind-up kaleidescope
Clatters with distorted mirrors
The wheel turns faster
To the sound of the march, heads off

The moth ate a colored shawl
The cards show a three and seven
The bull chases off flies with his tail
With a heavy heart, climbs the hill
The billiard heads
Split in half and scatters to either side
To the corners of a vast land

Behind the shattered displays –
Scraps of festive costumes
Under the runners of the sled –
The life flesh of the hand dealt to other people
Behind the counter – a parrot, from a hat
Takes out tickets for the tram
To the nearby bridge,
To a helicopter without windows and doors
Into the still waters, with an wild head
The wheel turns faster