Bella Morte

Forever Grey

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I cannot sleep alone again
For my fears are gaining
I hear a cry, it sounds so faint
But I know it won't be long
With her voice something old
Echoes through the evening
And all is still beside my heart
And all that's left is waiting

In the mist she sways
Forever pale, forever grey
(Into the night she's calling)

My terror grows and I can't see
Through the fog so thick outside
I lay so still with eyes held wide
Counting minutes 'til the dawn
She peers inside, her laughter screams
As she scratches at the door
I lay so still with death in sight
As the rain begins to fall

And the thunder roars like hell
Through the world tonight
The one who should not be
Is closing in
And the door now opens wide
Her footsteps can be heard
The one who should not live
Is just outside

Autor(es): Bella Morte