Brooke Candy

Freestyle Nasty

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Imma be a Bratz doll, you can undress me
Got so many looks that the biters don’t stress me
Like Jay Z, I'm into the next one,
Wanna be Brooke Candy 'cause I am the best one, yeah.

With a pussy you would die for
Pullin out the black card, a pussy you would buy for
Hoppin on a private jet, a pussy you would fly for
Need to grab a Kleenex, a pussy you would cry for

Uh, it's that candy pussy
Wanna hit this? better man up pussy
Brooke Candy, prescription girl, ice cream pussy wanna lick the swirl

A hundred thousand dudes be crawling at my feet
My pussy's on fire, they wanna feel the heat
Treat em like shit, you're a piece of meat boy
You better have rhythm cause we're fucking to the beat

Autor(es): Brooke Candy