Forgiven It's Forgotten

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I wasn't happy enough
Look at me like I'm hurted
It's nt hard to see
How many tears I cried
U came to bring me joy
And take my sorrow away

I tried to give my all
Who'll take all your pain if not me
You might understand
Who'll take care of you
Why one have to leave
If the love still live right here

When I know that it juss don't ever seem to matter
When I go out what I say to do, can't you see I'm still lefthere
Did u ever feel a little lonely dear?
Baby I swear I don't know why
Come to me I'm missing hold u in my arms
Did u want a place in my life

Hold on please
Baby I'm what u looking for
Hold on please
I juss know that I can't stand nomore
Hold on please
Forget you past and your heartaches too
I guess I might have done someyhing wrong
But forgiven it's forgotten
Hold on please

Those days without u were so cold
Before I sang same song
Looks like the silence that u speak
In a dark and small cafe
It was an empty space
Like I felt inside of me



And after all this time
You can be shure that I
I did stay by your side
To share each tear you cry
And when you had a good time
I saw the sunset in your eyes
In your eyes




Baby it's over
Come my little brother
Come let's go to help now each other
I forgive myself and u forgive yourself my brother
Cause forgiven it's forgotten my sweet lover

Autor(es): Georgia Brown / Mario Marafanti

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