Formaldehyde Soaked Corpses

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here comes the hearse,
bringing me the dead
into my mortuary, the cart rolls in
tools I bring, embalming rotting corpses
first incision, in the gut
hands dig in the swollen organs
I feast on your cunt
as you lie dead on the table
night at the morgue
shagging a corpse
that I am preparing
fondling the mouldy titties
the dead can still give head
as I caress the cold necrotic flesh
between scalpel carved legs I grind
penetrating embalming tubes up your ass
in your embalmed corpse i come
fondling her / lifeless torso
organ extraction / from cunt and asshole
leaking orifice / can't stop plugging
keeping your cunt and tits in jars
my body smeared with / blood and fluids
buttfucking the corpse / on a formaldehigh

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