For My Father's Sake

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Here's a little story 'bout my past, and here's a little song about my future. You know that Christafari's gonna last. So now the Tansoback him come to reach yah. Living in this "Valley of Decision" Y'all I "Listened for His voice" and I heard His call then I was "Born Again in a Christian Style" yes I am "Once a Man and Twice a Child".
Yet I struggle in this "Jungle in Babylon". I tell them "Come Children" to "I Holy One". We know that "Jah is I Light and I Salvation", yet I stumble on this "Long Road to Mount Zion".

Chorus: Well As the days go by, I learn from my mistakes. I try to live mu life, For my Father's sake. I beg you teach me Lord the wisdom of Solomon, and tell me what to do. Well as the "Time" goes by, I learn from my mistakes. I try to live my life, For my Father's sake.
I beg you grant me Lord the heart of King David and tell me what to do.

"Sitting and Watching" as the world goes by, another rough day for "Christafari". Thinking of the Lord "We Lift His Name on High".
I Got to "Keep on Lookin Up" keep "My Eyes" to the sky. To "Holy Mount Zion" where some day I'll "Fly", unto my "Majesty" it was for me that "Him Die" upon Calvary I heard His "Spirit Cry", "My Best Friend to the End", You know them "Crucify".


Said are you ready? Yeah! To rocksteady? Yeah! (Repeat). Hom section. In my live I've been through enough trials and tribulations.
I've faced enough pain and sufferation. Them say if it don't kill you it (will) make you stronger, as for me I am firmly placed on God's foundation.

I won't "Surrender" to the "Modern Day Pharisees", with my "Soul on Fire" for the Almighty. You know them "Can't Stpo" this "Burning That's Inside" and He "Set me Free". Now I'm a "Worrior" for Christ chating "Blood and Fire" and I am "Burning Up" and I am not going to retire. We "Lifting up and Edify" the Lord God Higher, and we chant it out singing "Word, Soud and Power"


Autor(es): Ace Winn / Mark Mohr