Ritual Steel

Forsaken Land

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I cannot see justice anymore!
Fairytales and lies
Knock on my front door!
I spent all my youth
To search for the truth!
Now I feel old,
Weary and sore!

When I see my mates
It tears me apart
Selling integrity for just
A fart!
Like zombies they act,
Directed from afar
With no personality
And passion in their heart!

What a godforsaken land!
But I bravely take my stand!
Against all odds
I raise my word!
It's sharp as steel,
The feather my sword!

I could feel hate
But it's far too late
I cannot give our place
A turn for its fate!
Too many gone dumb,
My cries desperate!
When do we realize,
Enough we have paid?

The cities must burn,
The leaders must learn
They can't push us further
To the point of no return!
We can't feel no pride,
Can't see no more light
Before we free ourselves
From this poisonous spawn!

Still we crawl
But our spirits rise
To darken the sky!
We raise our fists and voices
To drown you in
The tears we cried!

We rise up from the ground!
We stand upright and we
Stand proud!
Hurry up my friend
Do it before too late!
In this hour we hold in our
Hands the key to our fate!

We're not gonna take it any longer!
With every minute
We're getting much stronger!
We stand man by man in our
Quest for spiritual liberty
And won't forget we poets
And thinkers were born free

Make 'em run into
The darkest night!
They won't get far we're after
Them with the speed of light!
They can try to hide on the
Furthest star
We always will find them
It's like they're caught
Within a jar!

We're lost in a time,
Our lives worth no dime!
We are hopeless causes
If we find no rhyme!
We curse you to hell,
Our souls we never sell!
Scum of the earth,
Rest in your own slime!

A long way from home
That we don't go alone,
So many are with us
I hear them all moan!
The wind blows cold
But we will get hold
Of sceptre and sword,
Crown and throne!