For The Movies

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Do you remember all our love
did you get back from what you gave
I see some symptoms of a past
that you forgave
You never were expendable
you always made me feel alive
And now we're in the middle of transition
In our lives

A change of pace could really do some good
She's leaving...
An empty case
But your bringing back the show
I'm leaving now...

Wake up and see the places
it's all you got and all you take
You don't have to fall to pieces
you have to prove it
Make up your pretty face it's a lovely trip
a lovely place
You got one life here to make it
for the movies

Do you feel singled out do you feel
less than all the rest
You know it's interchangeable
that spotlight and the pain
I want to get on top of this
I want to build that trust again
And if I give it all I got I'm sure
you'd do the same


Again I face the fear in this
I see a place for you and I
And we can make the most of it
Cause our passion never dies
And if you don't believe in me
I'll choose a path and change your mind
And you can take me to your room
or wherever you may hide


Autor(es): Buckcherry