For You

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Yeah, what's haddenin'?
You already know who it is
Uh, Shawty Mack
Pow, some call me the 5-3 G
But you can call me Mann
And this is
My West LA
Part 3
Birthday Philosophy fool
West LA is in the house
WestSideStoryy is in the house
The Face Gang in the house
All up in yo mouth

[Verse 1:]
I'm so West LA 'till the death of me
And I'm so C-A like the letters next to the letter P
If she ain't with the business I don't stress it, I let her be
Obviously she has never ever ever met a G
Not G in the form of gangster, but G in the form of greatness
My mind is worth a million, don't care what the foremen thinking
I keep it one hunnid, young Benjamin Franklin
Not wanna deal with all this ignorant hating
O-o-oh insecure at? You need drinks, everybody breaking your glass
In this race for the G's I'm first and you're last
You got this hating disease, and I can't cure that
But your girl is sick of you and I can make her feel better
Got an ass like Lequisha and her face is real Heather
Yeah, I bet I get her wetter than that I see at the weather
Clapper with the wordplay, plus it's a nigga's birthday

So as you can see I'm going in on this mixtape
It's more on the lyrical tip maine
As far as can be I thought it was the only fittin'
That on the first mixtape Vintage Cuts
Showed you I had swag
Near Life Experience showed you I can make a song
And Birthday Philosophy
Shows you the skills and the reason I got my Def Jam deal nigga

[Verse 2:]
Uh, I bet you never seen a youngin with this much swag
Eighteen, 5-3, Baddie beside me
Sorry B's would never fly G's for a make-up bag
Just giving her my idea, and feel it as a must-have
Yeah, B-D-A-Y-B-O-Y-Z
Every day we fly, get high, and need a vaccine
My team years better than most men up in they 20's
Munchin' over me, and the bros go, and hit up ginnies
The perfect representation of a LA team
If no-one do I bet all of LA were Latin
Not the same thing I'm new lane, 3D-team
Need a banging, a jerk, this is way flier
So West LA Fairfax fashion is fire
New to the game, just get higher, you been fire
My flow been fire, you just started listening to it
I'm a name my lane "The young fly nigga music"

Shout out to everybody that made this possible
Shout to my brothers, my birthday boys
Keith White, Selfmade Bates, because...
Shout out to the Face Gang
Shout out to my own standing bros
Shout out to everybody in West LA
Brodie Shane, T-Smoove, Money
Shout out to Red Vision
Shout out to Mercury Island, Def Jam
Shout out to Beluga Heights
Shout out to A-2-Z Entertainment
Last but not least: Shout out to my family because without my family I'd be nowhere ya feel me?
Birthday Philosophy fool