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(Verse 1)

Drowning on land - howlin' at the moon
I am a neo native
Levees gone - Tribal storms
floods hide this legacy
Sacrifice coming
Black clouds bring the wind
rush to the higher ground
Native born -I have soared
Nature's fury cries a tear

(Chorus 1)

on my father's land
on his grandfather's land
all I see is an ocean
lost my mother�s home
and a grandmother's hope
still I hear them pray for this neo native

(Verse 1)

Pale thoughts - Proud minds
Thunder rules the sky
Waiting here for those green painted faces
with giant wings they appear
A watery tomb subsides
We call this place New Orleans
Native born - families torn
With a grasp we can touch the sky

(Chorus 2)

So we prayed like job
What can one place endure?
Now all I feel is the water
As the night draws near
We're Americans here
Ivory towers hear our cry... "some are still alive"


No sight of our brothers - Help is too far away
Death surrounds us now - And it has for days

Open arms in Dallas - Red Cross refugees
"found", this knave... rescued at last from an empire's grave.

(Repeat both chorus)