Lower Than Atlantis

Frankie Goes To Hemel

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My teeth are clenched so tight my gums will bleed,
As I watch the filth pig out and begin to feed from the flesh of whores,
Off the bones of the ignorant minded who cant quite read the lines of male distinctive need.

Just like this..

Drink up quick hun,
Stop toying girl 'cause my cock aint patient.
Get in my car,
Its second hand but it knows who you are,
Course you're coming with me,
Im gonna take you to my secret spot.

We'll park the tyres on torn grass that was once admired,
With a gorgeous view of Hemel town in June,
Not just the plants butbut my ego's blooming 'cause you came with me and I put iy out free,
You thing you're clever but your best mate's fuming.

Your face gonna get messy when I show you why apathy fucking surrounds you.
I'm gonna show you why life never lets up,
So give up, spread wide, I'll never know you cried,

Come on girl, show me where you piss from!

I'm gonna answer all the questions your soul's been asking,
I'm gonna touch you in all the ways your skin's been craving,
Just lay back, enjoy the ride and quiver hard against the slide.

That's worth a tear,
That's worth your health,
You know it's what you want,
What am I? Your twelth?

I bet your mother's really proud with how her baby's turned out.
A lovely girl, sog beautiful, so renowned.

She's gonna tell all her friends about the wonderful girl she's got,
She's gonna tear at your fathers heart about how they raised an angel.

You're gonna tell them about tonight, That the girls were your date in the end because little lies only hurt you when you got sold a cheat

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