Jungle Brothers

Freakin' You

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I'm freakin' you baby, drivin' you crazy (x4)

With my style (yeah my style), money child(money child)
I could make you jump around and drive you wild (drive you wild)
I'll grab the mic (grab the mic), and get you hyped (get you hyped)
Because I'll say the things that I know that you like (you know you like)
I'll take you back (take you back), with my rack (with my rack),
And do my thing over this gorilla-funky track.
I let you loose (let you loose), give you a boost (give you a boost), and I grab you by the hips and make you move (uhhhh-huh)

Because i'm freakin' you baby, drivin you crazy (x4)

When I get (yeah when i get) to your place,
I'm gonna turn up the highs and turn up the pace.
Do the things (do the things), that I know you like doin',
So c'mon girl let's get down to it.
Turn it out (turn it out), scream and shout (scream and shout),
Cause you know what bein' freaky's all about (all about).
Let it hang (let it hang), do your thang (yeah do your thang),
I could sit right here and watch you, and ohhh baby.

I'm freakin' you baby, drivin' you crazy

Cause freakin' is sincere, that you'll never never care,
And I want you to be a lady.

Come on baby.

Autor(es): Alex Gifford / Jungle Brothers / Mike Gee / Nathaniel Hall

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