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Back to back
We make a stand
Just to change this
Way of life
And throw in your hand
And be free
Freedom with a crazy word

Smash the shell
And run like hell
And we'll break out
And move like wierd
Forget you're part of the crowd
Time is running out my hands
The glories of riding to the test
Throw you cares away

We are freedom - We can make it (*)
We are freedom - Don't mistake it
We are freedom - Can you take it now
We are freedom - We are chosen
We are freedom - Just opposin'
We are freedom - Just disclosin'
How you feel can set me free
Now it's up to you
Gonna set yourself free

I'm on my mind
And that's the way
That I'm thinking
I must go on
And I can't take anymore
Time is runninf off my hands
Water is covering the land
So I throw my cares away

(*) repeat

Throw your cares away
We are freedom
We are freedom
We are freedom
We are freedom

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