Gene Clark

Freedom Walk

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Now and then the chill of fear
Drums demonic discords near
With hate the innocence of youth
Is raped before the age of reason
Even sees the truth

Beautiful is beauty's way
Who told the guru what to say
It wasn't Christ who had a better way
'Cause He knew that ultimately
The Mojo hand is gonna come into play

But he still had a better way

'Cause he would walk that walk
He would take a sign
And make the way down the freedom walk
And He knew how to make that sign
He knew how to make people see
That were blind down on the freedom walk

Skid row faces having not
Swirling graceless empty in thought
Soaked in wine until they rot
Meanwhile you pay their way
To not feel what they've become

Enough is enough say Vietnam
The cost of all those war machines and bombs
Spent on murderous insanity
Was enough to fill 1968's book of humanity

We're gonna walk that walk
And you know we're gonna talk that talk
Down on the freedom walk
The continentals voice is finally sound
And surface up from underground

Truth and courage newly they have found
United now to bring those senseless boundaries down

You see them they all are walking their walk
On top of the wall they're all just
Talking their talk they talk of freedom walk
All the spirits that have ever been bound
Are coming in and they are hanging round
'Cause they want that walk, walk, walk

So get away from the chill of fear
It summons up demonic discords
And they want to rape with hate
The innocence of youth
And take away their eyes before
The age of reason can see the truth

The spirit is that we well hide
The spirit is something some people think
That they can pay every Sundays hat
And when the gates of Heaven open
They have bought that

I wonder when they walk that walk
Do they know how to make the sign
And talk about the freedom talk
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
They know how to make that sign
And they're gonna tell their mind
They dug the freedom walk
Oh, woh

Continentals voices sound
Surface up now the underground
Truth and courage can be found
The world can unite to bring
All those senseless boundaries down

Autor(es): Gene Clark

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