Free Pizza For Life

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Im gonna write this in a book one day
but for now this song will have to do
Its about the lengths you and I were willing to go to
to get some free food
it was 1997 something I cant remember
Im bad with dates
you and I were livin in my van
everything that we had we had to take
and the saddest song ever heard on the radio

let it snow let it snow let it snow
let it snow let it snow let it snow
it said we have no place to go
let it snow let it snow let it snow
we didnt have any place to go
it snowed it snowed it snowed

but wait

lets take it back a few years
to the day were first met
I moved to bloomington to be a bum
you were here on a full
mathematics scholarship

I was from a small town
you were from a small town
we became the best of friends

Where our story begins
is where our trouble begins

I never had a dime to my name
you liked playin games
a local pizza place had a deal
10 coupons got a free 12inch
well heres what we did
you see the college kids
they never cut the coupons out
wed dig through the trash and find them
a few nights work put pizza in our mouths

we started to wonder where the coupons went
after people turned them in
so we looked in their dumpster and what did we find
we found 140 of them

sooner then later we started makin our own
when kinkos got the red copy machine
one day they busted me
the manager said "we dont take photocopies"

So I jumped into the car
told the driver to drive
as we sped off into the night we yelled

Free Pizza For Life
Free Pizza for Life
Free Pizza For Life
Free Pizza For Life

A few years later you dropped outta school
we both spent a few months in our home town
weve both been down and out
but we were doin our best to get back up now

One night we were sleepin in my van
it was fourteen degrees below
I woke up because I heard something crack
you said it was your foot frozen to the window

Our desperation drove us to dishonesty
we were criminals distinctive and vile
declared most of the world to be our enemy

we stole checkbooks
and credit cards
signed signatures that were not ours
slice after slice we ate
pizza every night
we always shared it with our friends
gave the driver a mighty tip
in our simple minds we had
a slice of a paradise

but I guess we took it a little too far
cause you ended up doing some time
when they slammed the door to your cell
I swear I heard you yell

Free Pizza For Life
Free Pizza For Life
Free Pizza For Life
Free Pizza For Life

On the night that we bailed you out of jail
it was 2 weeks later you looked scared and pale
to celebrate setting you free
we ordered some pizza
and paid with forgery

cause when they knock you down
you cant stay on the ground
you gotta keep gettin up
you gotta keep puttin your faith in luck
and as we can clearly see
that we made some mistakes

for the most part I have no regrets
at some parts I feel a little ashamed
but it all worked out okay in the end
and I think I would do it all over again

sorry your the one they caught
I wish it coulda been me my friend
Im not sayin we were wrong
and Im not sayin we were right
all I know is what we want

Free Pizza For Life
Free Pizza For Life
Free Pizza For Life
Free Pizza For Life

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