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Verse 1:
I fight it,
A moth intent to deny
The flame;
You light it,
And it's as if i kiss all my resolve goodbye.

Anytime we get together,
It's so good, and so bad, it happens again.

Pull is turned to push is turned to shove -
We explode in each other's hands!
Everything we hate we start love -
We're just addicted to the friction!

With a look, we bait the trap and wait,
Turn a wish into a command!
Everything we love we start to hate -
We're just addicted to the friction!

Verse 2:
I stop it,
A little break in the dance
We do;
You drop it,
Pretending if you do, then we won't take this chance.



Face to face, we're animals,
We're dangerous, combustible.
Tnt, we strike a match,
A deadly game, of pitch and catch.

Wrong for me, and wrong for you,
This offer that, we can't refuse.
Fireworks, they ricochet,
We'll never learn to stay away!


Autor(es): Charlie Mason / Elias Kapari / Sara Karlsson

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