Friend, I betray!

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Good day friend,
What happens to you?

You know what,
Inside I am very hurt

But what was wrong,
What you go talk?

Sent me a message
Saying that I'm fucked

But my friend,
What you had read?

She was a girl,
In which I was myself involved

It will be a punishment?
Why are you charging?

It was a betrayal,
She is the wife of my boss!

How was the reaction?
That turned into a huge mess

He is depressed,
But for him I do not care!

Because my friend,
How do you get in this roll?

But my friend,
It was almost like a game

It was the seduction?
Or packer of pegação?

We were chatting,
And the crop was spreading

And she my friend,
Went to bed with you

Much worse,
In bed only failed to give a knot...

But my friend,
Because you became weak?

Not good,
Time does not back more

Try to fix,
This triangle can not continue

That's friend,
The crop is real and happens to me

Go ahead, please
Do not give up on your great love

But I not to love,
It was an impulse, a mistake

But my friend,
Because you got with that?

I am going there,
Thanks for helping me

Caution please
There may be a madness of love

Autor(es): Guilherme