Game Theory

Friend of the Family

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My nerves are buzzing and working
Eyes are flashing and jerking
My feelings on the windshield
Night air as cold as chain mail
Takes me back to the first day
The little girl in you spoke to me
You know, it spoke right to me

Sweet cream dream girl
Too much, it's just like candy
I won't forget it quickly
Blind ride on highway 80

And I think it's time, yeah you learn how to drive
You just say hi to the big time
Bright lemon lime memories that rhyme
White lace, bracelet charms and silent alarms

You and I work in factories
We run the big machinery
The will to try leaves slowly
The murder goes on daily

Don't give me phobias walking the cable
We'll go when we're willing and stop when we're able
I wish these cards on no one's table

And when love is crowded out I'm a friend of the family
At the funeral of our love just a friend of the family

Ah, Miss Critical, might find you're minus one now
If there's someone you love now, tell them you love them right now
Have we been cheated of three of our seasons?
How could we break off for such practical reasons?

Sleep young bride to be no more
Whatever we do now has been done before
I'm going to drive out to the end of the dirt road
To a place where nothing living goes
I'm going to run on foot till I can't feel the cold
And find a sunrise so beautiful it would capture your soul
And shoot it full of holes

Well we could hate ourselves
Just like the friends of the family do
We could quit our jobs
Just like the friends of the family do
We could change our minds
Just like the friends of the family do
Step right over the line
Just like the friends of the family do

Autor(es): Scott Miller

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