A Life Divided


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I got a reason for this
Everlasting crying so listen
Once you get a headache
Interrupt me and whistle
But don't stop the beat
The beat is the street
The only way my words
Dare to come out of me

Once upon a time there
Was just you and me
Heading to the south
To join the "embassy"
We rocked the beach
We got lost in dreams
The most important thing was
How to get us some weed

Time's been on a highway since then
Before we even blinked
We were divided again
Without a chance to stop the change
A million miles away from the point
We were friends

Ever and ever we were friends
Never forever we were friends

Did you every really thought
That it could happen to be
That we could fall apart
Just like it happened indeed
I never wanted you to be
Like fucking me

Can you remember
How it was like to see
The fading of the sun
When it drowned in the sea
With a pack of six filled
With sense of gliss
I'd be lying if i said
That i don't miss this

Time's been on a highway since then…

Hold the memory tight